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In Progress Photography

Ensure Quality & Efficiency

Sound documentation procedures are the best indication of an efficient construction company. Documenting your project serves as a a living record and can help ensure quality control. In Progress photography will increase efficiency through accountability. The construction industry is usually dependent on reports and paperwork in order to to keep track of all the moving parts, team members, and to monitor progress. Paperwork isn't always be a reliable source of information and can leave vague grey areas which lack essential details and don't show the total picture. Adding third party photo documentation to yours jobs will help ensure that your project is going according to plan.

Your construction photography can also help your company establish a unique brand through marketing to your future customers and with the public. 

Most importantly, photos in construction can make work easier and more efficient, providing a high degree of detail and quality control which improves decision-making and communicating progress when you can't be at a job site.p Visual information can and should be used to increase efficiency, meet budgets and shorten timelines.

In-Progress Photography can be scheduled to your preferences, whether it be at regular intervals, changes, or project milestones. All photography is archived for posterity and can be delivered digitally for a one-click download, by USB, and by physical print.

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