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Pre Construction Photography


Pre-construction visual records are critical for establishing the existing conditions prior to construction. Using top of the line equipment for the highest quality and resolution images, our photographers perform a full photo survey and provide a visual record of the current conditions of your site, adjoining structures and site areas.  

Pre-construction third party photographic surveys serve as visual insurance, providing evidence, or lack thereof, for any liability of damage- enabling you to resolve a dispute before it escalates to legal action. Proper third-party  photography has saved clients many times the cost of documentation.

Having a record of your job site before work can also help as the first milestone of your visual progress record, making sure that work is being completely in a timely manner and ensure high standards of quality control and efficiency on site.

Pre-construction photos are available for download with one click, are digitally archived for posterity, and are able to be delivered hard copy on USB, in print, or your choice of media for your personal records.

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